With Tekla Design, you get a host of features that leaves our static competitors in the dust.

Welcome to the future of managed online content.

Web Solution Packages

Tekla Design offers 3 basic package types:

We Also Offer Hosting Packages

Web Development

Tekla Design provides the latest technology in modern website development.

Web Design

We provide professional custom graphics, design and creative content.


We use the most up to date, ethical and organic methods to improve site ranking.

Social Network Integration

We offer Social Networking Integration to help your professional online presence.


Let us build your Online Store for you.

What is the process for building an Online Store or Online Restaurant Ordering System?

Do we build stores for self-owned/hosted site? Yes, we do, pricing is the same for an online store set-up.

Our Web Development Services include integrating the best of up-to-date custom site design.

From design concepts to editorial work and Social Networking integration, call us toll free at 888-898-0105 to find out how we can help you find the right solutions for your unique website needs.