Contract Design Overview

Contract solutions are provided for clients that host their own sites and/or would like to have complete file access.

What is the difference between a contract or subscription service?

1Contract Services Vs Subscription Services
Our Subscription Based Solutions offer a hosted site where Tekla Design owns the rights to the site files and has exclusive admin access. The site build is owned by Tekla Design and is available to the client for the length of the time that the client subscribes for the service. The service can be cancelled at any time by the client, however ownership of the files (site build) are nontransferable.

Our Contract Based Solution grants complete ownership and admin access to the sites files which are purchased by the client. The client has complete ownership of the files and usually maintains their own domain and hosting packages. Purchasing a custom design allows for 1 month of support time after the site is published.In addition:

  • A contract agreement must be signed by the client and Tekla Design.
  • All design concepts must be approved by client before development can commence.
  • Payment arrangements made via mutual agreement.

*Sites are usually complete for preview within 7 - 10 business days.
* For additional pricing questions contact us at All written estimates are free, professionally written proposals cost $30.
* For more information on the process of building a site or other questions, please view our FAQ page.

Contract Based Solution Includes:

  • Custom Professional Modern/Responsive Website
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Editorial Work
  • Blog set up ( RSS and subscriptions)
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Site submissions to Yahoo!, Google and Bing
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • A company Facebook and Twitter page integrated onto the site for social media
  • Technical Support
  • 60 minutes of free customer service updates per month for a total of 1 month
    • Subscription based support after the first month period is available for $49 a month (with a 2 month minimum)
  • Personalized Video Tutorials and Training
  • Client owns all files
  • Ftp Access and Admin status
  • Hosting can be provided upon client request

Contract Based Website

Modern/Responsive & Mobile Friendly



Modern Scrolling One Page Design

*Includes Blog Set-up or Blog Import  


 1-3 Pages


4-6 Pages


 7-10 Pages


11 Pages or More

 Free Consultation
* Price is determined by a combination of custom design work, pages and paid plugins.
* Self hosted sites are generally 2.5 times what the yearly subscription cost are.
* Paid plugins may cost extra and are not included in the cost per page.
**Multi-site discount may apply.

Free estimates are available, for more information call 570-822-3223, email