Creative Design Concepts

Tekla Design provides professional graphics design and creative content to keep your site fresh and current in a rapidly changing Internet environment. Our marketing strategies are proven for building a successful following that translates into more customers.

Tired of having a website you don't like?


There are many services for website building online, some of them offer pre-made templates to choose from. Others offer website builders where you can make your own site. The problem with these options is that, it's not always easy to build a professional looking site with these site builders. Nor is it very satisfying have a site that you'd like to tweak here and there but can't, because it is a pre-designed template.

Sometimes making your own site, or getting a pre-made template site, seems like the most cost effective way of getting your business online. But what if we told you, that might not be true. We offer a professional custom design and for not much more (if not less) than those other services.

We offer real website customization built to client specifications. Our sites are made based on how you want them to look. We do not have, nor do we offer a variety of pre-made templates to choose from. For that, we apologize. We do not however, make apologies for the dedication we have towards building the website you envision.

Our process is simple, after the initial payment, you will have a phone consultation to go over your design and how you want it to look. You can include reference links and even have pre-designed images from a web designer. From there, we'll begin the development process.

The development process last (on average) a total of 7 - 10 business days. We will give you a preview of your site and ask for your feedback on the design & layout. It's your site & your opinion matters to us. We will make all necessary changes to meet your expectations.

All sites are developed on our development servers and are only moved to their proper domains after you approve the site for launch.

Let us, help you, have the website you really want.