Domain Renewals

Domain Renewal Fees

Who is responsible for your domain renewal fees?

Q: I just got this bill from (domain registrar name) do I have to pay this? 

A: If you own your own domain, the answer is yes. 

If you'd like to keep your domain upon sign up, please note that you will be responsible for domain renewal fees.

Sign-on Options

  • When signing on with our services we give people the option to get a new domain or to continue using a domain they already own.
  • When we purchase a new domain on a clients behalf, we own that domain and are responsible for billing and renewal.
  • However, if our service is canceled, the domain we have on the clients behalf, must be purchased from us in order to transfer over ownership.

Client Owned Domains

  • Clients that have their own domain already, have ownership of their domain and must keep track of the domain renewal fees owed to their registrar.
  • We have no records of individual client domain registrar, account information, nor renewal dates.
  • If the domain is not renewed, the website will be forwarded to where the domain registrar points it.
    • In most cases, that means that if the domain renewal fee is left unpaid, the domain will be forwarded to the registrar's parking page.