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Pre-Sales Questions

1What exactly can you do for our business?
We build and host custom designed websites for our clients and provide packages for support, development, maintenance, and growth for their sites.
2How much does your service cost?
Our Integrated Business Package, as well as our External Site services, have a standard monthly, quarterly or yearly rate. Our pricing is dependent on the size of the service and level of customization. Our Account Management department occasionally does outbound exclusive promotions to offer potential new clients special offers. For our standard rates, check out our Pricing page.
3How are payments made?
All payments are made up front before project commencement. No consultation appointments will be honored before payment clearance.

Subscription billing is run automatically on a reoccurring billing date.

We accept All Major Credit/Debit Cards.We do not accept checks.
4Are payments automatically charged?
Yes, all payments are automatically charged on the billing due date.Yearly billing payments are done on the first of the month which the client signed on for their services. Monthly payments are run on their billing due day.

All cancellations must be done prior to the billing renewal date. For more information on our cancellations and refund policy, read the refund section on the terms and conditions page.
5Is there a setup fee for a new site or other charges?
If you're here looking for hidden fees, there are none. We offer WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) billing: what we tell you you are going to pay is all-inclusive for all the services that we offer.

Occasionally there are some customizations such as paid plugins that will cost extra, but we will always inform you in advance of potential charges, as well as the pluses and minuses of such additions. We are a smaller company, and we make our money by keeping our clients informed and satisfied.
6What do you mean by “custom web site”?

Most website companies use standard templates that severely limit how they can design your web site. Also, you might find that what they mean by "custom" is simply a matter of filling out pre-designed templates with your personal information and photos,  without having any serious knowledge of HTML,  Style Sheets or other important scripts to get your site to function the way you really want it to. (In a few cases, customers are restricted from even using their knowledge to change sites!) We approach things in reverse: we will make you a unique site, one that  looks the way you want it to, from custom graphics and design, to layout.

Once your site is complete, we will make it easy to expand and change by offering you time  to go over the user panel and functions of your new site.

7Do you design mobile apps?
No. We design modern mobile friendly responsive sites.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at optimal viewing. With responsive sites, the design will remain very similar in appearance. Unlike mobile apps, responsive sites have the ability to re-size for various devices, from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones.
8What is the difference between a contract or subscription service?
Our Subscription Based Solutions offer a hosted site where Tekla Design owns the rights to the site files and has exclusive admin access. The site build is owned by Tekla Design and is available to the client for the length of the time that the client subscribes for the service. The service can be cancelled at any time by the client, however ownership of the files (site build) are nontransferable.

Our Contract Based Solution grants complete ownership and admin access to the sites files which are purchased by the client. The client has complete ownership of the files and usually maintains their own domain and hosting packages. Purchasing a custom design allows for 6 months of support time after the site is published.In addition:

  • A contract agreement must be signed by the client and Tekla Design.
  • All design concepts must be approved by client before development can commence.
  • Payment arrangements made via mutual agreement.

For more information on our Contract Solutions visit the Contract Overview page.
9Do I have to pay for premium plugins?

Yes, clients that request Premium (paid) plugins must purchase the user licence and are also responsible for any/all licence renewals.

10Can I speak to the designer before I purchase the service?

Our sales representatives are apt to discuss all of the basic design procedures. While sometimes it may be possible to speak to a designer briefly, a Design Consultation is scheduled in advance and is arranged after the payment of the service.


1Do you outsource?
No, we do not outsource to third party companies. In addition, all of our workers and support are US based.
2What is the process of designing my new site?
After the initial payment is processed, we go over a design consultation phone call with you. The reason for this call, is to establish your vision of the design and to go over site functions which you will want implemented.

Once the design concept is worked out, the site development process takes approximately 7 - 10 business days to complete.

All of our sites are developed on our development servers. Once your design is implemented, a preview link to the development site will be emailed to you.

You will then have the opportunity to review the site and make any changes to the site design or content. When you are satisfied with the site, you can approve for us to launch it onto your domain.

*Please note, once a site launches onto it's own domain any site redesigns or layout revisions will cost an extra fee.
3 How long will it take to set up the site?
Standard sites are ready for preview within 7 - 10 business days.
4Can Tekla Design implement a site layout by another graphic designer?
Yes we can. We will create what is sent to us, however, all layouts made by a third party designer must be the completed and final design version when sent to Tekla Design for the development process. No alterations will be made to the layout after it has been complete, as it has already been pre-approved.

If the client chooses to have a third party designer create a design, it is the responsibility of the designer to hand in a fully responsive mobile layout/design.

All photos must be zipped and will not be extracted from any design files created by the designer. Any photo extractions will incur an extra fee.
5Do I have to send Tekla Design my monthly updates?
Yes. You can either call or email your content changes and additions.

Tekla Design only updates sites as specified by client requests and is not responsible for the content creation of monthly updates.

Online Stores & Restaurant Online Ordering System Information

1How long will an update of my content take, once I submit a monthly update?
On an average monthly updates are completed within 2 - 3 business days from the time of submission and are followed with an email notification of completion.
2Is there a setup fee for an Online Store?
Yes. There is a one time set up fee of $299 for products and $499 for restaurant online ordering. For more details visit our Pricing page.

Complete Client Information Page for Building an Online Store or Restaurant Online Ordering

3What is the process for building an Online Store or Online Restaurant Ordering System
Tekla Design follows the steps to build your site design first. The average site (7 - 10 pages) is ready for preview within 7 - 10 business days. Larger sites will have additional time added to the project.

After the site has been set up, we will begin adding the products or menu items.

* All products or menu items listed by Tekla Design on behalf of a client must have all of the required information for each listed item, any item with incomplete information will not be listed.

Store/Restaurant set-up completion varies on the timeliness of the information provided. It is not the responsibility of Tekla Design to gather product information for the store, nor to create user accounts for payment methods. Tekla Design will not be held liable for a non-completed store if clients can not assist in supplying the foregoing.
4What do I need to build an Online Store?
We require that clients send us all necessary information to complete the Online Store set up. Clients must have and be able to supply the following product information:

  • Product Information and Descriptions.
  • Product Photos
  • Product Cost
  • SKU (If Available)
  • Shipping Details ( Including weight/height for items that have will have the shipping cost estimated by the UPS or USPS shipping calculator)
  • Tax Information ( Include if any State or Local Taxes need to be applied)
  • Return Policies
  • Account information for UPS, Authorize.net and/or Paypal

Complete Client Information Page for Building an Online Store

5How many products do you set up in the store?
We will add a maximum of 25 product/items upon set-up. Tekla Design will instruct clients on how to add more items to their stores and update their sites.
6How many menu items are included in the Restaurant Online Ordering?
We will add all menu items upon set up. In addition, Tekla Design will instruct clients on how to update their own menus and listings. Clients will also be instructed on how to manage online orders.


1What do I need to build an Online Restaurant Ordering System?
We require that clients send us all necessary information to complete the Online Restaurant set-up. Clients must have and be able to supply the following menu information:

  • Item Information and Descriptions.
  • Item Photos
  • Item Cost
  • Delivery Details/Options
  • Tax Information/Rate
  • Hours of Operation
  • Account information for Authorize.net and/or Paypal

Complete Client Information Page For Making an Online Restaurant Ordering System

2This backend is new to me, can Tekla Design train me in how to update my site on my own?
Yes. We will train you on how to effectively manage your new site dashboard with call support time or customized personal video tutorials and emails.
3How much control do I have over my site with your service?
That's up to you. If you have a hands-off approach, we appreciate it; in custom design, that's often the norm. If you are more hands-on and would like to change aspects or make regular updates, we will train you on how to effectively manage it. We also include support when you need some extra help.
4Why do I have Editor Status?
All clients will receive editor privileges with their username and password, we urge you to take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal data, which should include never sharing your username and password with anyone. Tekla Design limits employee access to personally identifiable information from this web site to only those employees who need access to perform a specific job. Administrative privileges are only granted to the site project managers, this is done to ensure the security and integrity of the site.
5What will I be able to add or edit on my site?
Clients are able to add or update both posts and pages. New pages however must be added to the navigation menu by your project manager.

Clients with online stores will also be able to add or edit their products or menu items.
6How do I add new information to my header or footer section?
These changes must be submitted to Tekla Design for update either via email or call.
7How can I make changes to my landing page?
Landing pages are sometimes "hard coded", meaning that you may not have access to edit it. For these changes, please contact your project manager.
8 Can you add video to my site?
Easily. But you have to have that video available to us if you want it to do certain things! Most clients use a third party host like Vimeo or Youtube. Integration with those sites is a snap for our web design department.
9Can you create a flyer, or other print material for users to download?
Yes, we can. However, print material is not included in our web service packages. Please see our pricing page for details.
10Can I have testimonials on my site?
Yes, you can. There are various plugins which can be provided, depending on the user experience you'd prefer.

Google Specific Questions

1Can I have call support for walkthroughs?
Yes, you can. For immediate support, you can call your project manager. For tutorial walkthroughs, an appointment is required.
2Are you going to list me on Google Business?
We will walk users though the process of creating their Google Business listing. We could help with submissions, video tutorials, text or phone support. Clients must have a Google account to work with Google products.

Note: Tekla Design does not create Google accounts for clients. Neither will we directly access a clients Google products at any time. It is strictly against our policy to ask for, obtain, or make records of a clients Google login information.
3 Can you get my site on Goolge's front page?
We do not guarantee first page search ranks. We do use SEO tools, Google and Bing analytics, and do your site and individual page submissions, as well as XML sitemap creation & submissions.
4Can I get access to my site's Goolge Search Console or Analytics?
Yes, you can. You will, however, need to have a Google account. Upon your request, we will add you to the Google's site management.

Note: *Tekla Design does not create Google accounts for clients.
*Tekla Design will add Users to our Google Analytics account with the intent of reading and analyzing data.
*Admin privileges are not granted to Tekla Design analytics accounts.
*If Admin privileges are needed, please submit your personal Google Analytics ID to place on your site.
*When using your own Google Analytics, Tekla Design will no longer be responsible for client Search Console.
*Tekla Design will not work on client owned analytics accounts.
*Tekla Design does not work with pay-per-click advertising nor Google Adwords.

Domain & Email

1Can I use my domain email address to send mail from my Gmail?
Yes, you can. Please view the Gmail help page on how to send mail from a different address or alias at:


This can be a very user friendly way to get around some inline attachment issues (pasting photos into emails) which may occur with domain emails.
2Do you provide domain-based email? Does this include webmail? 
Yes, and yes.
3How many emails do you provide? 
In general, we provide up to five emails on an account and work with you on a case-by-case basis to satisfy your requirements as best as possible. 

Each email provided is usually 250 MB for a total of 1250 MB space allotment for email per website. While these allotment sizes can be increased, we do not supply unlimited email space.

If you own your domain, in some very rare circumstances we may not be able to provide more than one email.
4I own my own domain. Can I use your service without giving up my rights to it?
Of course! While we include a domain in our standard pricing, if you'd like to use your own, you are welcome to.

Tekla Design is not responsible for purchase, nor renewal fees of client-owned domains. View the Domain Renewal page for more information.
5What is this domain renewal registration notice?
Clients who own their own domains are responsible for the annual renewal.

Tekla Design does not have registrar login, cost, nor due date information for client owned domains.

For domain renewal information, please contact your domain registrar.

Domains owned by Tekla Design are paid for as part of the business package.
For more information click here.
6Can Tekla Design redesign my site if I own the domain and host it myself?
Yes, Tekla Design offers contracted redesign services that allows clients a one time purchase of services (as per agreement). For information on contracted design prices, view the overview page.
7Do you provide an SSL Certificate?
Generally, our sites are basic web hosting without SSL Certificates, but one can be provided at an extra cost of $74.99 per year. *Prices are subject to change.
8Do I have FTP access?
We do not allow FTP access for subscription based sites, all files which constitute the sites build are owned by Tekla Design.

If however, you would like to own your site and have complete file access, we can offer a contract based solution.

External Site Management

1 How to transfer my domain away from web.com?
For clients that would like complete ownership and transfer of their domain, click here for full instructions.
2What do I get with an External Site Management package?
You get:
  • Editing Work - ( Editing restricted to user created content)
  • Blog set up ( RSS and subscriptions)
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Site submissions to Yahoo!, Google and Bing
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • A company Facebook and Twitter page integrated onto the site for social media
  • 60 minutes of free customer service updates per month
  • Back-end site updates & management
  • Trouble-Shooting site errors, if you are having problems with your site
3Can you update and help with a site I own and host?
Yes. With our External Site Management we will update your site and post new entries for you.
4Do you offer short term help?
Yes we do. We offer short term help packages with various terms. We offer help to clients who own their sites by the hour, by the project and bi-annual.
5I have various errors after an update. Can you troubleshoot my site?
Yes, we can troubleshoot and fix site errors. This requires that we have full admin access, as well as your hosting or ftp login. We will diagnose the problem and find a working solution.
6I need help setting up a new theme. Can you set up this (name of theme) up?
Yes. We can help set up ANY WordPress theme to client specification (within the boundaries of the theme).
7I have a site that I'd like to add a storefront to, do you provide this service?
Yes. We can add a storefront (up to 25 items). We will train you how to add more products to your store. We offer support which includes personal video tutorials and email instructions.
8I just need help installing and setting up a plugin...
No worries, we could help with that. We help to install, set up and even customize plugins.

Note: While we do help to customize plugins, we only work with documented sources which can be found in the WordPress repository.

Undocumented coding, such as personalized or custom plugins (which are not found in the WordPress repository), are not something we generally work with.

We make every effort to review all plugin documentation, as well as copying all original files before making changes.

Many times, plugin developers or companies are contacted directly for a work-around, since they are most familiar with their code. This is done to insure the functionality of your plugin.

If however, there is no documentation, nor pre-packaged source code, making changes to the site might very easily result in breaking the functions & we don't want that!

Learn more about our services here, or contact us today to see what we can do for you and your business!